Alica Prokopová, PhD. - translator and interpreter

Price list

Fields of interpreting and translating:

  • Humanities and arts
  • Religion
  • Psychology
  • Academic
  • Business
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Training Seminars
  • Translation of websites


Simultaneous interpreting half day € 190,00 full day € 350,00
Consecutive interpreting half day € 170,00 full day € 330,00
Liaison interpreting service per hour € 30,00
Interpreting from English to Spanish half day € 200,00 full day € 390,00

In case of need and based on agreement with the client I will travel abroad.


In consecutive or simultaneous interpretation carried out in conferences, congresses, etc., the half-day service is equivalent to a 4-hour day and full day service is equivalent to 8 hours. Other interpretation services will be invoiced per hour.


From English to Slovak

Basic rate € 0,07 / wd

From Slovak to English

Basic rate € 0,08 / wd


Price for professional text and express delivery time is based on agreement with the client. The correspoding travel, accommodation and other expenses can be included in the estimate.

All the amounts on invoices are final. I am not a VAT payer.

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